I drew 2 things today and one is a masterpiece 

!!! Thank y’all !!!

(I’m cold, sick, and sleepy so I am bad at art)

Shows up 3 weeks late to inktober with starbucks

bleh angsty inktober

Fiona the Witch is finally out and here on the internet for you my small buddy! Please enjoy my fun small comic

Today at Comiccon I thought someone called me a child and I declared that I am twenty and a real adult


Come see SVA at #NYCC this weekend, booth 2113!!!

Fiona the Witch is finally done *sweats*

AND WILL BE UP FOR SALE AT NYCC at the SVA booth (2113) and I will be there at some point so come and hang out buddo

I’m cosplaying LSP for Comiccon and I am gonna be TWO CUTE

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